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"In remembrance of KNIL veterans from the former Dutch East Indies."  


Sergeant Hendrikus Jacobus William (Wil, Willem, Willy) Harings, born 1912 Djatiroto (Java), passed away 1986 Sacramento (California). 

Harings was a son of a former KNIL sergeant and Atjeh and Lombok veteran Jacobus Harings. He fought against the Japanese invaders in 1942 with the 2nd squadron motorized cavalry and was taken prisoner of war. During the war he was held in Tjimahi (Java) and in Singapore. When back on Java in 1946 he was placed with the 4th squadron fighting wagens (tanks) until this unit was replaced by the Dutch Hussars of Boreel.  

Willy Harings was a striker for the Netherlands Indies Soccer Team (named "Oranje" after the Dutch National Team in Europe).

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